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Modern Speakers & Trending Fashion

Posted by Chelsea Bryant on
Modern Speakers & Trending Fashion
London is one of the world's four fashion capitals for a good reason. The city is a major player in the fashion industry, primarily because Brits are known to be pioneers of top trends.

In fact, an article on the public’s favourite trends points out that 60s and 70s fashion pieces are currently trending in the UK, with Brit fashion icons like Harry Styles increasing in global popularity. Meanwhile, Bridgerton brought back corsets, pastel colours, and floral patterns into everyone’s wardrobes. Fashion psychologist Shakaila Forbes-Bell notes that these nostalgic styles induce positivity, foster creativity, and increase social connection, making them popular among fashion designers as well as accessories designers and creatives in other industries.

As such, it’s not surprising that major fashion trends have influenced the designs of other objects like shoes, home decor — and, yes, even speakers. To illustrate, here are a few trending fashion styles that have inspired modern speaker designs:

80s Throwback
As previously mentioned, nostalgic fashion styles are definitely at the top of the trends. 60s and 70s fashion pieces are already popular in the UK, so it’s only natural that 80s fashion styles are making a big comeback. This era was when punk rock flourished in London, inspiring people to wear leather pieces, chains, and studs. Ironically, the 80s was also the period when disco outfits and neon colours were a hit, which is why you can also see these vibrant and flashy styles returning now.

80s fashion is undoubtedly eye-catching, which may have inspired audio brands to bring back retro design in high-tech speakers. BoomBocs’ 80s-inspired speaker gives off nostalgic vibes due to its boombox-style design and vibrant colours. Even though it has an 80-style design, this speaker also has an LCD that enables you to switch to internet radio stations, podcast shows, or even popular streaming services like Spotify and Amazon Music.

Street Style
Street style fashion is one of the most popular trends you'll see on social media or during big events like Fashion Week. Unlike most trends that are popularised by brands, street style fashion rose to fame because of its organic, unique, and accessible nature. The best street style looks are a mix of comfortable fashion items, like t-shirts or jeans, and more individualistic pieces, such as leather jackets or even neon shoes.
Due to the popularity of street style fashion, more manufacturers are designing modern speakers that are handy yet striking. For instance, JBL’s Go 3 speakers come in vivid colour combinations that are inspired by current street fashion trends. Meanwhile, renowned streetwear designer Devon Turnbull also builds high-fidelity audio devices that are customised for both functionality and design. These products allow street style enthusiasts to own a speaker that doubles as a striking accessory or as unique interior decor.

Cross-brand Collaborations
For many people, owning an item created by a top fashion house is a major dream. As such, luxury fashion brands have partnered with brands inside and even outside the fashion industry to catch the attention of consumers. Brand collaborations are growing in popularity among fashion-savvy consumers, with more people opting for clothes, shoes, accessories, and other products created through these collaborations.

Cross-brand collaborations are making a huge buzz in several industries, so it’s not surprising that audio brands are also jumping on the bandwagon. To illustrate, Balenciaga collaborated with Danish audio brand Bang & Olufsen to create a product that is both a functional purse and a portable speaker. The limited edition Speaker Bag will definitely turn heads because it can store your essentials and play your favourite tunes, while also carrying the name of one of the biggest brands in fashion.

Scandi Style
The Scandi style trend is a stark contrast to the previous trends mentioned above. Unlike the vibrant 80s style or the quirky street style, this Scandi fashion trend is all about feeling good by pairing comfort and practicality with a bit of fun. The Scandi style is associated with the concept of chic minimalism, and popularised the use of oversized shirts, tailored separates, and light-coloured clothing.
Though Scandi style is a growing trend in fashion, it’s also quite popular when it comes to furniture and speakers. To illustrate, Swedish speaker specialist Audio Pro stays true to its own roots by following the Scandi style for its C10 MkII multiroom speaker. This highly-rated speaker has neutral or muted colourways, like black, grey, white, sage green, and sand. Even the leather handles of the various colourways come in paler tones, making the speaker easy to match with other Scandi-style furniture.

Yes, modern speakers can be functional and stylish. By following these top fashion trends, modern speakers are infinitely more alluring to audiophiles with an eye for design.

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