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The Signature Sound

How do you describe a sound?
Well, the answer is with great difficulty! Trying to explain how impressive something sounds without actually hearing it is no easy task but given our expertise in this field, you can rest assured we know what we’re doing when it comes to the remarkable BoomBocs signature sound.

In order to ensure BoomBocs is at the forefront of smart acoustics, we have incorporated some very unique design features. We make the most of advanced scientific theory as well as using practical assessment to depict how BoomBocs products perform in real life. It’s not just about facts, figures and graphs; we use our ears to tell us what’s actually happening and that’s why it sounds as good as it does.

Too often these days, speakers are manipulated into producing a sound they cannot naturally create using digital signal processing (DSP). Whilst this isn't essentially wrong, we believe a speaker should make use of the natural environment by pushing air through the enclosure efficiently, creating its own sound. BoomBocs speakers do exactly this; our specially-designed enclosure and porting system is tuned to specific frequencies that sound pleasant to the human ear. We then fine tune using DSP rather than creating the sound with it. One thing you’ll notice about heavily DSP-dependent speakers is that they may sound good a low volume, but as it gets louder, the sculpted sound does not maintain it’s low:high ratio in a linear fashion. Instead, the low end thins out and it starts to sound weak.

What is it you want from the low frequencies?
You want it to pack a punch! You want to feel the kick drum in your chest! You don’t want the bass to rumble; you want it to fill the room
and sooth your belly.

What is it you want from the high frequencies?
You want clarity! You want to decipher every lyric and hear the air in the vocalist’s breath.

Well, what about the mids? 
What about them? You’re not supposed to notice those but they’ll be there providing the overall sound with all the body it requires.

BoomBocs products maintain their pristine, balanced, signature sound no matter what volume it’s playing.