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5 Stars from the Daily Star Newspaper

Posted by Jonny Williams on
5 Stars from the Daily Star Newspaper

BoomBocs STUDIO review:

A versatile 80s-inspired speaker that really packs a punch!

British sound expert Jonny Williams and his team have revealed a new 80s-style boombox speaker that's packed with connectivity options and delivers excellent all-round sound

This is fantastic British engineering at its finest and a wonderful all-round portable boombox style speaker for music lovers.

The BoomBocs is a modern take on the classic 80s carry-round sound system.
Slimmer, neater and packed full of connectivity options, the STUDIO device gives nostalgia vibes while delivering a fresh take on such an iconic retro look.

BoomBocs STUDIO Bluetooth and WiFi speaker in white

It’s the brainchild of Jonny Williams, a former sound engineer who has worked with the likes of Stormzy, Kylie and Jessie Ware.

As such this Brit knows more than a fair bit about sound and he and his team have been able to develop a beautiful sounding speaker system that’s roughly about the size of a shoe box.

Ease is the key word with this piece of tech.

BoomBocs STUDIO Bluetooth and WiFi speaker in white

The makers have thrown in all kinds of connectivity to ensure you can get you music blaring as quickly and effortlessly as possible.

Thanks to an in-built 2.4” LCD Display and a simple menu system you can flick between endless options on internet radio, podcast interview chats, to bluetooth-to-phone connection and streaming services like Spotify, Deezer and Amazon Music at the touch of a button.

Once you’ve gone though the set-up wizard and connected the BoomBocs to wi-fi you’ll be able to log into your favourite streaming service direct, without the need to control it from your phone.

It can all be done on the LCD and means less back-and-forth.

And for the old schoolers out there, there’s also USB type-A and a 3.5mm Auxiliary Jack for physical connection too to other devices, like CD players.

Sound-wise, it’s got a lovely range to a maximum volume that should comfortably fill a large garden space with banging tunes when hosting pals.

But it’s ideal for indoors, maybe in a kitchen or bedroom, where the team’s “pleasing to the human ear” sound really hits home.

The two speakers physically vibrate as they pump out well defined highs and deep, chest-thumping bass notes. They sit perfectly alongside one another, delivering a clarity and all-round enjoyable sound across all genres we tried.

BoomBocs STUDIO Blueooth and WiFi speaker in Dahlia Orange

It makes rock songs smash in you like the thrashing guitarists clearly want and feels equally fine forcing through those gut-punching lows that are so vital to the full appreciation of dance and hip hop tracks.

Even on podcasts and radio, the BoomBocs is able to deliver a high-quality soundscape that feels natural both sitting in the background while you’re making a cup of tea or right in your face in a crunch must-listen interview.

The balance always feels pretty much spot on.

And there’s a built-in EQ to help you really tweak that sound further to your ideal preference.

Build-wise, this is a sturdy piece of kit.

There are five vibrant colours to choose from and it has a plasticky feel to the chassis but with a handy hand-groove at the back you can wrap your fingers into and carry it around easily, even on your shoulder like the classic boombox.

It weighs just 1.43Kg out of the box, so very light.

There are enough buttons and dials on the top of the device to give you complete control of all aspects of the options available without the need for speaker control via mobile app, unlike many other modern speakers.

But you can also use the free UNDOK app to access your streaming tunes quicker, as otherwise its a dial back and forth as you slowly select each letter in a word you want to spell out. That can get annoying.

BoomBocs STUDIO Bluetooth and WiFi speaker in Green Quartz

It’s also got a rechargeable battery inside, which is a great addition.

It means you can move the unit around the home with you, and take it out and about thanks to bluetooth connection to your phone.

The BoomBocs lasts about 15 hours on a charge, with is plenty of music time, and it charges up pretty quickly from the mains when you’ve got it sat at home.

For £129, you get a lot of flexibility with the BoomBocs.

It looks great, sounds even better and the only real flaw we can point out is that annoyingly slow dialling you have to do on the unit when spelling out a song you want to play. But even then, that’s avoidable if you use your phone to control the machine.


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