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BoomBocs is a brand that really cares about music and how people listen to it. It is our mission to show the world what an affordable smart speaker is actually capable of.

We combine a uniquely strong, yet lightweight form factor and an iconic aesthetic like no other. Our speaker designs adhere to the same core values that have defined our brand’s musical and audio spirit, drawing on the world-renowned British musical heritage we all know and love.

We’re immensely proud to be British, establishing ourselves in the vibrant borough of Brixton, South London many moons ago. The rich musical heritage of Britain has played an integral part in influencing BoomBocs, both the brand and the products. However, it’s not only the likes of The Beatles, Pink Floyd and David Bowie that have provided us with inspiration; it’s also those geniuses that have lurked in the background, making audio engineering breakthroughs to take music forward with technology. So, to Rupert Neve, Joe Meek and all those super boffins at EMI Abbey Road in the 1960s and 70s that invented machines to make sounds or improve sounds, we salute you. You are our heroes!