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BoomBocs Speakers

We have three impressive BoomBocs speaker ranges for you to choose from. If you like to keep it simple but still want to blow your socks off, the 'Classic' range is for you. You have eight amazing colours to choose from so you can be sure your BoomBocs will blend into any situation.

For those that want a little bit of glitter in their lives, try out the 'Deluxe' metallic range. The sparkle of the metal flakes within the finish is enough to catch anybody's eye.

Then we have something for those that really want to stand out from the crowd! Go full bling and get yourself a liquid metal 'Super Deluxe' BoomBocs speaker but you've been warned; you've got no chance of being the centre of attention with one of these in your life.

From £ 699.00 - £ 839.00
From £ 765.00 - £ 909.00

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