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Jonny Williams

Posted on February 23 2017

I'm gonna dive straight in this week and give you all the BoomBocs goss! There's quite a bit so grab a cup of tea, sit down and relax yourself. If I had the time, I would up these blog releases to two times per week, but unfortunately I hardly have time to make my own tea anymore - it's a real sorry state of affairs when a man doesn't have time for tea. If any of you lovelies fancy being my personal tea-maker, please send me an e-mail; 

New Designs and a Fancy New Prototype
Right, here we go! I don't know how we manage to do it, but every week seems to be a bit of whirlwind with the amount of activities being undertaken in BoomBocs World. Last week we touched on plans for v2.0 and the Deluxe range (read about it HERE) so it's only fair to give you a sneaky peak of the magic we're creating behind the scenes. Here's the first glimpse (right) of our new textured finish to be applied to all BoomBocs systems in the Deluxe range. We're using a very hard-wearing vinyl, a lot like that found on boutique guitar amplifiers from the 50s and 60s. Much of the hardware will be changing, as well as some internal components in order to bring our Deluxe models a new lease of life and broaden our product range.

The variants in colour (and sometimes texture) are endless and so we're hoping we can appeal to the personal tastes of every single person on the planet with the choices we're offering. Whether you want a baby blue BoomBocs like the one shown in the picture, or a faux snakeskin-look, we can do it - your wish is our command! Of course, we will be limiting our standard colour/finish to a set number of 10-20 types, but custom options are extremely vast so if you have a dream finish in mind, just let us know and we'll see what we can do.

This summer is lining up to be something spectacular for us with all of these exciting, new ideas becoming a reality. v2.0 and the Deluxe range will more than likely start to make appearances from June onwards so do keep your eyes peeled and stay tuned in for more news on those coming very soon. The best way to keep up-to-date is either by checking BoomBlog every week or by signing up to the mailing list. Why not let us bring the news direct to your inbox?! We've already got thousands of subscribers from all over the World whom we update weekly, so get yourself involved by clicking the "Sign Up" button in the main menu (left on yours screen).

The Big Promo Video
If you hadn't guessed from our title picture already, we've got some awesome new promo heading your way. After years of friendship, BoomBocs has finally teamed up with beatboxing loop-guitarist; Redlox and his extremely talented saxophonist partner in crime; Fatneck, to bring you an epic new collaboration. These guys have been playing together as a duo for years after meeting through music in Cardiff (my former home). Redlox is actually originally from Pembrokeshire (as am I) and we went to school together, played in bands together, lived together, loved each other, HATED each other, left each other etc. Weirdly enough, we now live opposite each other in London and I can't get rid of him again. He keeps bringing wine round my house and keeping my up til 3am whilst we babble on about music. As fun as that is, I'm not 18 anymore and the hangovers are most definitely making more of a presence these days so we might have to tame it a bit.

A few months ago, the guys approached me with the idea of doing a collaboration. We weren't entirely sure what we were going to do but we knew we were on the same wavelength and wanted to team up to create something special. Eventually we got our heads together and we came up with the idea of capturing a live performance by Redlox & Fatneck, whilst amplified and distributed through an array of BoomBocs'. We didn't want to over-complicate the concept at all and we didn't want to over-produce it to the point where it no longer seemed live. The whole idea was that the audience would be able to hear and see how both Redlox & Fatneck and the BoomBocs systems perform in real life, rather than being edited to the max in post-production.

At 9AM on Friday 17th February, we assembled our awesome production team and loaded in to the event space at Pop Brixton, otherwise known as The Pop Box. The guys and girls at Toma Productions put in a lot of work behind the scenes with regards to the planning, storyboarding and site visits prior to the day so we knew we were in good hands from the very beginning. With Anthony Toma heading up production, Laura Prast directing the shoot and Milo Brown as director of photography, there was no messing about and we were under strict instructions all day. Buster (Redlox), Harry (Fatneck) and I like to lark around so the phrase "herding cats" can sometimes be an understatement when it comes to organising us. Laura takes no prisoners though so we had to behave!

We had the majority of the shoot over in no time at all - we're all pros at the end of the day! The lads nailed the performance, the audio sounded perfect and the main footage looked great so it was just a case of going in for some closeups to get everything we needed. I have every confidence this is going to turn out great and I can't express our excitement to see the finished product. All we ask from you guys is to 'like' and share the video all over the internet. Show your friends, your mum, your everybody!

I know, I've waffled a lot here and haven't really given you an indication of what we're going to do with this video - that's because we don't really know! I guess we'll hammer the social media channels (with your help) and use it for general promo but if you have any suggestions as to where we should be putting it out, why not hit us up and let us know?! Send an e-mail to; and tell us your bright idea.

Anyway, that's about all I've got time for this week. Next week we have some pretty exciting news. More BoomBocs' going to more places and more famous faces.....

Until then, take care and check out the sweet sounds of Redlox & Fatneck on their Youtube Channel.

One love.

Team BoomBocs xx




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