So, What's the Story?

  • By Jonny Williams
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So, What's the Story?

BoomBocs was formed by a Welshman with an idea! Having an innovative idea is one thing, but possessing the theoretical knowledge and practical skills to bring it to life is something not commonly found among individuals. With a vision to create a product that stood out from anything else out there, Jonny Williams was able to take his idea and transform it into what has now been described as the ‘greatest portable speaker system in the World.’

With countless years of experience as a touring sound engineer, Jonny has been fortunate enough to work with some of the biggest shows around. Artists such as Pendulum, All Saints, Kylie Minogue, Lorde, Jurassic 5, Naughty Boy etc have all hired Jonny to provide his knowledge and skills whilst on the road. This acquired knowledge has proved priceless in the development of BoomBocs and it’s continuing growth as both a product and company.

BoomBocs started as a small company that recycled vintage suitcases into trendy sound systems. As cool as that idea sounds, acoustically it doesn’t particularly outperform anything else currently available on the market. Jonny set about re-designing the suitcase so that it would prove acoustically efficient whilst maintaining its trendy appeal. Over the course of 12 months, Jonny spent his time calculating, sketching, testing and re-testing on a series of prototypes. Regular trial and error eventually resulted in a fully functional, acoustically efficient, super-duper portable speaker system! We decided to keep the concept of the BoomBocs being based on a suitcase by recreating our own wooden version (with acoustic design in mind).

Every single BoomBocs is handcrafted in Brixton (London), using only high quality components and sustainable wood. We put time, effort and love into our products to ensure they’re finished to the highest possible standard.

Simplicity is the key, and so our motto; “turn it on, turn it up” explains exactly what it takes to enjoy the sweet sounds of the BoomBocs. Essentially, all you need to do is plug in your music-playing device, switch on the BoomBocs and press play! If you want to get really fancy, we offer Bluetooth integration as an option.

At the heart of every BoomBocs is a 200 Watt Class-T digital amplifier! We use all aspects of the amplifier in a parallel bridge-tied load configuration for the highest power output possible! The amp has built-in chip protection to guard against ESD (electrostatic discharge) and current spikes. The chip ensures its robustness and reliability throughout both input an output stages of the circuit. Thermal, over/under voltage are also included to extend the longevity of the amplifier and so you don’t need to worry about it being damaged in any way shape or form!

Each BoomBocs has the capability to be powered by a high-capacity, high-efficiency, rechargeable battery, as well as via a mains outlet (110V-230V). The battery is able to achieve a playback time of approximately 15-20 hours, depending on how loud you like your music.

One of the main features of the BoomBocs is the speakers themselves – they’re handmade in France by a World-renowned speaker manufacturer.

Our systems are capable of delivering high sound pressure levels with no distortion, so even to the untrained ear, you’re able to notice the difference between a BoomBocs sound and that of a ‘competitor.’

At BoomBocs, we are constantly pushing ourselves to find new ways of improving our existing designs in the hope that we maintain our reputation as the makers of super-high quality portable speaker systems. We’re constantly trying new methods, new design ideas and new components to improve our already-acclaimed products. It’s never a speedy process but we totally believe in what we do and we enjoy the challenges the World sets us. You can always expect us to keep you updated on what’s going on at HQ and rest assured we will probably have something new in the pipeline at all times.

As the great Miley Cyrus once said; “Believe in yourself anything is possible.” We are aware the Miley’s grammar needs a bit of a ‘touch-up’ but the girl speaks truth!

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