Rita Ora Goes Custom

  • By Jonny Williams

Rita Ora Goes Custom

It's been tough but we've kept this quiet for a while now. The amount of will power it's taken to stay silent about our newest A-list client has reached new heights. We can't do it any longer.....


Back in March we were approached about building a custom, entirely unique model for Rita to coincide with her return to the stage upon the release of her newest single and follow-up album. The creative side of things was left in our hands so we got to work and drew up a list of possible ideas and sketches. We looked at all different types of designs and finishes but in the end we settled for something extremely simple, but totally awesome! We built a BoomBocs from Oak and treated it with Danish oil. This was the outcome;

It took us a long time to get the finish on this beauty just perfect (literally days) but we enjoyed every second of making it. The natural 'go faster' stripe down the left of the face just adds to how unique this thing really is. We loved it so much, we didn't want to see it leave us to be honest!

I made it my own personal mission to oversee the build on this particular project so I became very 'hands on' for the entire process - I even went out to choose and buy the specific type of Danish Oil required. I'm more office-based these days but when you have such a high-profile client as Rita Ora you just want to be involved. Saying that, the crafters here at BoomBocs HQ are more than qualified to finish something as special as this, however it's nice to get stuck in every now and then so I saw this as my excuse to have a go again.

Here's a picture of me grinning away with the completed product;

Just to add that extra-personal touch to it, we even treated Rita to an engraved handle with her name on it. The engraving is filled with metallic silver to give it a bit of a sparkle, making it really stand out.

I have it on good authority that Rita loves her new BoomBocs and has kept it in pride of place in her house in London. When asked for feedback from her, the reply we got was; "My gosh, that thing goes really loud!" That'll do for us!

This isn't the first time we've built a BoomBocs to order for a major name in entertainment, however. In our last blog we showcased a 'Tweed' model with chrome hardware, built to spec for the team of Mr Tom Petty (of Heartbreakers fame). This is the second model to join the TP team, after a standard red model we shipped in January of this year. TP plays Hyde Park (London) this summer, where two fresh Tweed models will be delivered, fully loaded with the top spec. You can read about the creation of the Tweed model here; 'Breaking the Radio Silence'.

Anyway, thanks for reading. Sorry it's been so long!




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