Official Launch

  • By Jonny Williams

Official Launch

If you’ve read the ‘About’ section of this website, you’ll already know that BoomBocs was actually founded a few years ago. Seems a bit silly that we haven’t officially launched the product yet, right?! WRONG! There’s a reason it’s taken so long to get this baby out into the World and we’re not sorry we haven’t done it yet. Everybody just needs to stay calm and wait it out – it’s a bit like waiting for Christmas.

Here at BoomBocs, we consider ourselves absolute perfectionists! If something isn’t as we want it to be, it goes nowhere until it IS how we want it to be. We work on things until we achieve the desired results, rather than put products out only to find their faults via consumer complaints. As with a lot of new consumer product, they sometimes suffer various teething problems due to insufficient testing. We try to avoid being in this situation as a manufacturer by ensuring there are literally no more scenarios to test our products in, aside from the ones we’ve already tested. This approach has meant the development of BoomBocs (as a product and brand) has been an extremely lengthy process, but that’s okay, because as with any new product, the trial and error sustained has resulted in a revolutionary speaker system. We would NEVER release something if we didn’t think it was perfect, hence the delay in getting BoomBocs out into the World – we just didn’t think it was perfect ENOUGH……until now!

We’re two years down the line from the very first sketches, and a lot of pennies poorer, but we are confident we have an extremely desirable product and you’re all going to love it. The BoomBocs has gone from being an old converted suitcase with dodgy wiring, into being a wonderfully handmade piece of engineering, delivering pristine sound quality and sporting handsomely good looks. I mean, just look at it! LOOK AT IT! It’s a sexy little thing that just needs to be in your living room, doesn’t it?! Yes it does. We think every home needs to have one of these because, let’s be honest, a lot of the other speaker system out there are total rubbish! TOTAL rubbish! The BoomBocs was designed with audio in mind at all times – if you read the blurb on this site, you’ll learn about the people behind the design and the story of our development. The pure quality of the audio alone speaks volumes (see what I did there?!). Each unit is carefully assembled by hand so you can rest assured, it is structurally solid!

At present, we can’t give you an exact date of launch BUT we’re looking at August this year to start shipping Worldwide. That doesn’t mean you can’t pre-order however, so please get in touch and reserve your own special BoomBocs before the waiting list gets too long! We have a few of our prototypes for sale on the site with discounted rates applied, so if you fancy one of the early developments, knock yourself out – they sound and look awesome. We wouldn’t sell you anything unless we thought it was ‘fit’ to leave our doors, so fear not.

Keep your eyes peeled, keep your ears to the ground and sign up for our mailing list – we’ll inform you of our launch plans when we know what they are. We won’t clog up your inbox, don’t worry – we’re not into that kind of tomfoolery.

E-mail us at; and tell us what you’re interested in with regards to BoomBocs. We like to keep things on a personal level so we try to avoid automated e-mails and submission forms when possible. One of our focuses is to provide the best customer care possible so please do contact us any time with your queries and we’ll endeavour to answer them the best we can.
Get in touch, yo!
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