Going Global (Part 2 of 2)

  • By Jonny Williams

Going Global (Part 2 of 2)

Last week we posted part one of our blog, "Going Global" to inform you all of BoomBocs' arrival in the USA. [ If you haven't read it yet, go back to the previous blog and have a browse before reading this - it'll make more sense. ] We all love a bit of suspense before finding out some exciting news so we thought we'd tease you folks a little bit and ALMOST tell you our big news, but not quite. THIS WEEK, we're going to tell you the big news......ready?

It is my absolute pleasure and I feel extremely proud to tell you that our FIRST BoomBocs to land in America has found its new home on tour with none other than TOM PETTY AND THE HEARTBREAKERS.

Ok, let's take a moment to let that sink in......


This 40th Anniversary Tour has been voted as one of the 'Most Anticipated Tours of 2017'.


Right, we're cool......carry on.....

Team TP and the gang first contacted us in late 2016 to enquire about our prestigious Bluetooth speaker systems for use on tours. Coming from a touring background myself, I was pretty enthusiastic to get a BoomBocs onto the touring circuit. The potential exposure for us having our product on a MASSIVE World tour such as this is an opportunity not-to-be missed, so we got to work right away and built a very special red "Rhiannon" model to match the Heartbreakers' logo. Their new BoomBocs will be positioned on stage at all of the concerts during the upcoming tour, so if you go to one of the shows, you might just get a glimpse of the fiery little beast.

Apparently it's not only the Tom Petty crew that have fallen in love with this very special BoomBocs, but it's been turning heads in and around the LA area ever since it arrived. We seem to have gotten the timing absolutely spot-on, with it being the NAMM show in Anaheim over the past week as well. [ Those of you that know about this show will know the calibre of public figures it usually attracts, so as you can imagine, a few other famous faces have seen our little creation 'in the flesh'. ] Less than 24 hours after it arrived, we'd been sent a video of legendary jazz guitarist Stanley Jordan, playing to a crowd through the BoomBocs. How did that happen?! Who cares, it's awesome!

I won't say anymore at this point, but we've had a lot of email enquires over the weekend and it certainly looks like an army of BoomBocs' will be making their way over the pond during the next few months. Amongst them, some very special custom models, built to the spec of the client - look out for those! We've already started putting the work in for 'Mark II', although it won't be ready for a few months just yet.

Before we sign off for today, I'd just like to take this opportunity to thank the Tom Petty team for being patient and working so closely with us on this build. It's been an absolute pleasure and we're grateful for the opportunity and also the new friendships we've gained. We can't wait to see the little red BoomBocs again in July when Tom headlines his show at Hyde Park, London.

Thanks for reading, folks. Stay tuned in for more updates coming very soon.

One love. Team BoomBocs xx

Photo by Jerod Harris

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