Going Global (Part 1 of 2)

  • By Jonny Williams
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Going Global (Part 1 of 2)

Ok.....deep breathes......

We have some news. It's big news. It's exciting news.....

Let's firstly rewind the clock to early 2013 before BoomBocs existed. I was busy touring with a variety of artists throughout the year and was fortunate enough to spend quite a bit of time in California. The sunny beach vibes have always been my 'thing' as I was brought up on the West coast of Wales. (I know we may not have the amount of sun that California gets BUT we do have some of the most beautiful beaches in the World. If you haven't been and you don't believe me, check out the reviews and pictures from Lonely Planet and Rough Guide.) I started noticing Bluetooth speakers being taken to the beach, the park, and various parties. I also started noticing them featuring in nice hotel rooms, especially in boutique hotels. The problem, for me, was that most of them just weren't 'up to standard' in terms of audio quality. I actually held off purchasing one because I couldn't bring myself to listen to 'bad audio' every day, even though I still love listening to music. That's when I started to get thinking......

Fast forward to December 2016......(BoomBocs has been released for less than a week).

Just before Christmas we were approached via email by a gentleman from the United States, asking questions about the BoomBocs system. As with all our enquiries, we replied as quickly as possible to answer his queries. The email chain went back and forth for a while and eventually we began discussing the more in-depth details regarding sound technology - I'm always keen to 'geek out' with a fellow enthusiast so it was a real treat to converse with somebody that knew what they were talking about. I started wondering who I was talking to so some questions were asked. As it turns out, this gentleman was interested in purchasing a BoomBocs system to take on a World tour, with rehearsals commencing end of January 2017. On finding out who the BoomBocs was going to be touring with, I think my jaw hit the flaw and I may have been in shock for some time! (Now, I know this should be the part where I disclose the full details, HOWEVER right now, I'm going to hang fire and leave the suspense.)

Last week, we assembled a very special red "Rhiannon" BoomBocs for its new owner over the pond. We packaged it in one of our touring flight cases (pictured) and are pleased to announce it arrived safely in Los Angeles this morning.

This particular system is about to start its new life 'on the road' as it embarks on one of the most anticipated tours of 2017. We are even happier that we'll get to meet the BoomBocs again, as well as its new owner when the tour arrives in London this summer.

Stay tuned to find out where it's ended up and who the new owner is.

To be continued......

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