Breaking the Radio Silence

  • By Jonny Williams

Breaking the Radio Silence

Hi everyone! How's things? It's certainly been a while since our last BoomBlog post so we hope you haven't been feeling too lonely without your latest dose of BoomBocs news. Sometimes no news is good news, right?! Yeaaahhhhh, that's right! So what have we been doing in this time we've been absent I hear you ask?! Well, a more appropriate question would be 'what haven't we been doing?' Let me take you through it step by step;

Item #1; New Custom Models
As we touched base on in the last BoomBlog (read it HERE), we mentioned working on some new finishes to become available in the summer. We showed you a sneaky peak of a baby blue BoomBocs we'd built, but now we have a bit more to show you. From the title picture, you can see we've done something a little different in terms of finish on this particular Bocs - looks pretty cool, don't you think? All the electric guitarists out there will have spotted something familiar about this type of covering and that's because it may show similarities to a very popular guitar amplifier from the mid-20th century. The Tweed-look was extremely common with guitarists around that era and has well-established itself as an iconic part of electric guitar history. Even today, remakes of the original amplifier are still keeping the spirit of Tweed alive!

About a month or two ago we received a request from an existing client to design and build a BoomBocs with a Tweed finish. Here at BoomBocs HQ we love a challenge and gladly accepted this one with nothing but open minds and eagerness to fulfil the client's vision. Obviously, before beginning this project, there was a lot of factors to consider when looking at how we'd wrap the Tweed around the BoomBocs seamlessly. The problem with actual Tweed material is that it's VERY stiff because it's essentially a fabric designed to protect against abrasions and knocks. There was no way on Earth we were going to be able to wrap this material around the speaker hole curves so we needed to think of a solution. If you think back to the baby blue BoomBocs we exhibited in the previous blog, you'll remember that it had a bit of a texture to it. That particular vinyl we used is called Tolex and it's been the industry-standard covering for guitar amplifiers for decades - it's still widely used Worldwide in modern guitar amp design. It's easily moulded and very tough so it got me thinking; 'I wonder if there's a Tweed-look, vinyl-like material out there?!' The answer is 'YES! Yes, there is!' The resemblance is uncanny, and even close up you'd still think it was Tweed! What do you reckon? Pretty fancy, eh?

We used some shiny corner pieces and leather stitching to finish off the edges so it's got a real guitar amp kind of vibe.

TweedBocs will joining his new owner in July, when he jumps on the Tom Petty & The Heartbreakers World Tour as they come through Hyde Park, London.

Item #2; We're Moving our HQ
One of our first blogs on this site was about our (then) newly-found headquarters in Brixton, London. At the time, we'd just moved to a cool new complex called Pop Brixton, entirely made from recycled shipping containers and sustainable materials. When we moved we knew that Pop was a temporary structure/solution so we were never planning to stay there forever but it was very exciting for us back then. However now, due to the success of BoomBocs in recent months and the overwhelming interest it has gained, we've officially handed our notice in to Pop Brixton and are currently planning our next move.

Being a 'London' company, I doubt we'll be moving too far away but what's for sure is that we'll be setting up base in much larger facilities, in order for us to increase production and keep you lot happy!

We have until 30th June 2017 to relocate so stay tuned for more on that in a future BoomBlog!

Item #3; We Are Recruiting (Sort of)
That's right, we need some new faces to join Team BoomBocs! We're a small company in terms of personnel so ideally, we're looking for people with a large skillset. Is this you? Can you solder a connector as well as write a blog? Can you complete complex porting calculations but also polish up some chrome hardware? Most importantly, can you make tea and will you be willingly make it when it's your turn without making a fuss? Yes, everybody has a turn - it's only fair! Being British, good tea plays a very important role in ensuring your life is heading in the write direction....

I've gone off track....I apologise.....

If you want to join a fun team of enthusiastic Boomers (I just made that word up), and you have knowledge/experience/skills in the following areas, please get in touch by e-mailing and telling us what you can bring to the table. We're literally looking for anybody that believes in what we do and wants to grow with us as a team!

Skills of interest include (but are not limited to);

  • Social Media / Digital Marketing / Blogging
  • Woodwork / Fabrication
  • Electronics Assembly
  • Electronics Design
  • Acoustics / Audio Engineering
  • Product Design (General)
  • Interior Design / Fashion

There are no permanent positions on offer at this stage, HOWEVER we will be likely to offer regular work on a part-time or freelance basis. We want to chat to anyone and everyone so just contact us if you're keen to be involved! Prospective team members will ideally be based in South London or Surrey.

Anyway, that's enough for this week. I'm not an expert blogger so these things take me absolutely ages to write! I feel exhausted - I've probably been looking at this screen for hours. Did I even write that much? Probably not. I'm waffling.....

Bye xx

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