BoomBocs on BBC News

  • By Jonny Williams

BoomBocs on BBC News

BoomBocs has been stealing the limelight once again! Those confused little robot faces just can't help themselves, can they?! This week they've been causing a stir with the BBC after Jonny was interviewed to talk about working from shipping containers in the earlier half of last week. If you're not currently aware, BoomBocs is based out of a shipping container complex called Pop Brixton in South London. The site was erected in 2015 and currently houses around 40 container-based businesses; check it out at .

Right, enough of that.....

We've now started work on BoomBocs Mark II and you need to be excited! YES, NEED!!!!! We have a big list of possible amendments; some we will make; some are just food for thought. What you need to be most excited about is the scientific theories we've been putting long hours into researching because once proven, we will change the manner in which air flows within speaker enclosures. NO BIGGIE! Believe it or not, but the porting system on our BoomBocs speaker systems is probably the most important element contributing to our signature pristine sound. Obviously, we are unable to disclose full details until our patent has been approved, but for now all you need to do is sit tight and believe in BoomBocs. It's not only air flow we're looking at; we're making adjustments to hardware, speakers and packaging. Don't worry, the infamous BoomBocs face will remain the same, but we're working on some alternative bits and bobs to make your BoomBocs experience even more epic.

Enough of that......let's talk about the cover picture for this blog!

You all know who that is with me; it's Shaznay Lewis from All Saints. Shaz is a legend within pop music and not just because she was in one of the most successful pop groups of all time. This woman has written so many hit pop songs for other artists, as well as starring in films and just being an all-round beautiful soul. [ If you weren't aware, I'm actually the front-of-house sound engineer for All Saints so I mix all of their live shows and sometimes broadcasts too. ] Shaz bought a very special BoomBocs to take on the road with her so I'm sure I'll be seeing it again very soon. Can't wait to hear some tunes blasting out of the dressing rooms when we hit the road with Take That in May! If any of you end up coming to a show, please wonder over to the main sound desk and say hi.

Anyway, that's about all I have to say right now. Have a great week folks. Thanks for tuning in once again - we'll have more mega news next week.

Much love xx

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