BoomBocs HQ

  • By Jonny Williams

BoomBocs HQ

We’ve come a long way since our humble beginnings in Jonny’s front room! There was only so long we would be able to drill wood and cut metal whilst watching the latest episode of Gogglebox in a house in South London. As fun as making an absolute bomb site in a lounge was, and as much as we enjoyed never being able to find anything, we are extremely pleased to announce that we’ve moved to an AWESOME new location in Brixton, South London.

Anybody who’s anybody in London will be aware of the buzz surrounding South London re-development right now. A number of sites in both SW and SE parts of the city are being flipped around from previously unused or derelict patches and made into trading communities with a focus on start-up businesses. Why have a big pile of rubble when you can chuck some shipping containers in there and help locals get their ideas off the ground?! Luckily for us, Lambeth Council did just that in Brixton and now here we are in our very own blue shipping container, in amongst a vast sea of other coloured shipping container (see/sea what I did there?!).

Just over a year ago, our local council decided to team up with a bunch of architects and do something with a piece of land that was sitting without any development planned on it for at least a couple of years. The site was once an ice-skating rink and also a car park at another point – it’s located on Brixton Station Road (SW9) so it’s extremely central to Brixton and easily accessible from anywhere in London. The architects put forward plans to create a community space, comprising of an assortment of shipping containers for local businesses to utilise. We applied to get BoomBocs involved and even though our application was late (because we’re idiots), we were eventually offered a space. OBVIOUSLY, we jumped at the chance and accepted the offer!

The site has been named Pop Brixton and it’s actually been a few months now since we officially moved in – we’re absolutely LOVING it. The vibe this place is creating is like no other location I’ve been to in London (or any other city Worldwide) – everybody helps each other out so sometimes it’s literally like borrowing a cup of sugar from your neighbour. We have some awesome neighbours by the way; go and check out Container Records, Brixton’s Baddest and Restoration Brixton. Eric and Tinka of Restoration Brixton are our closest neighbours and they rock! They’re extremely helpful and encouraging even though their business isn’t in the slightest way close to what we do at BoomBocs – they restore all sorts of wonderful antiques and random artefacts from around the World. Eric had some Indonesian swords in the other day – we contemplated a sword fight but not sure it complies with Pop’s health and safety guidelines! Don’t wanna be kicked out before we’ve got going, do we?!

BoomBocs is located on the first floor (if you can call it a floor) at the back of the first aisle at Pop – it’s easier to visualise if you’ve actually seen it! We mainly use the space as our workshop and research facility but we welcome anybody who wants to come and see our products or chat about what they do. There’s usually somebody in so just walk in and say hello!

Pop Brixton has so much going on all the time, it’s now serving as a general attraction for Londoners and tourists. Pop hosts gigs, markets, cinema nights and now it’s just opened Pop Fields next door; a purpose-built sports field with outdoor cinema, bars and food stalls. It’s well worth a visit on any day of the week.

Come down and see us!

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