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  • Rita Ora Goes Custom

    Posted on June 12 2017

    Rita Ora Goes Custom
    It's been tough but we've kept this quiet for a while now. The amount of will power it'...
  • Breaking the Radio Silence

    Posted on April 07 2017

    Breaking the Radio Silence
    Hi everyone! How's things? It's certainly been a while since our last BoomBlog post so ...
  • We're on TV, Mom

    Posted on February 23 2017

    We're on TV, Mom
    I'm gonna dive straight in this week and give you all the BoomBocs goss! There's quite ...
  • We Need You

    Posted on February 08 2017

    We Need You
    Hi folks. How's your week been? Apologies for this blog being a little later than usual...
  • BoomBocs on BBC News

    Posted on January 30 2017

    BoomBocs on BBC News
    BoomBocs has been stealing the limelight once again! Those confused little robot faces ...

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